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Rosa, a high school student and aspiring biochemist, has not had an opportunity to conduct important lab work at school since March –a casualty of the pandemic. Mass Insight Education & Research (Mi) wants to change that for Rosa –and hundreds of other students like her –by providing her with the resources to overcome the learning loss that she has experienced. We have been working with industry partners and teachers to create a sequential series of lab instruction that ensures that critical STEM curricula continue in a remote environment. We need your help to get this in Rosa’s hands.


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Mi has partnered with miniPCR, a cutting-edge manufacturer dedicated to making science accessible to everyone anywhere. miniPCR has developed a series of labs designed to give students an interactive, firsthand experience while learning from home while maintaining standards-based and grade-appropriate science education. This unique solution is designed to foster academic equity and minimize learning losses in the first half of the school year.

New research suggests that by September, most students will have fallen behind where they would have been if they had stayed in classrooms, with some losing the equivalent of a full year’s worth of academic gains. Data indicates that racial and socioeconomic gaps will most likely widen. Students like Rosa need your help!

We are working with a cohort of 8 Boston Public high schools, representing 225 students and their teachers, as a pilot. This program is providing these students with all the materials and equipment necessary to conduct a sequential series of lab experiences – covering the entirety of the lab curriculum for the first half of the school year –from home.

Funding Requested:          $40,000

We’re happy to announce that the pilot of this program has been fully funded thanks to the generous support of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and the PTC Foundation! We are seeking opportunities to expand the program based on additional donations we receive.


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