Mass Insight has a long history of providing leadership on education policy, starting with the landmark Massachusetts Education Reform Act and our report, The Turnaround Challenge, which served as a call-to-action for the important and challenging work of improving the nation’s lowest performing schools.

We advocate for public policy that is aligned with our Theory of Action and are currently focusing on three important policy initiatives –

  • Advancing college success through legislation that would establish a uniform state policy in Massachusetts for the awarding of college credit in our state colleges and universities for Advanced Placement examination scores of three or better. Click here to read Dr. Susan Lusi’s testimony supporting a uniform AP college credit policy for Mass. public higher education.
  • Supporting STEM education by co-sponsoring Massachusetts’ STEM week and advocating for state funding that provides expanded opportunities for underserved students to participate in AP STEM & English classes.
  • Advocating for reforms in policy that advance conditions for improving schools by establishing in-district zones and transparent accountability systems. Click here to read Dr. Susan Lusi’s testimony on Massachusetts legislation proposing the establishments of partnership zones.