High school STEM alert: Advanced Placement exam success grows statewide with assistance from Mass Insight program

BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 25 — Massachusetts high schools participating in a program that supports
students and teachers engaged in Advanced Placement coursework saw an 11 percent year-over-year
increase in AP exam success in STEM subjects, according to data released by the College
Board. Overall, students at 24 high schools participating in Mass Insight Education & Research’s
(Mi) AP STEM and English core program earned 941 qualifying scores — a score of 3 or better (on
a scale of 1-5) — in 2018 on 11 different STEM exams, including biology, chemistry, calculus and
computer science. Students of color at Mi partner high schools saw a corresponding success in
STEM AP exams, receiving a total of 108 qualifying scores this year, an increase of 17 percent
from 2017.

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