The Mi Equity in Education Emergency Fund

Rosa, a high school student and aspiring biochemist, has not had an opportunity to conduct lab work at school since March – a casualty of the pandemic. Mass Insight Education & Research (Mi) wants to change that for Rosa – and hundreds of other high school students like her – by providing her with the resources to overcome the learning loss that she has experienced. We have been working with industry partners and teachers to create a sequential series of lab instruction that ensures that critical STEM curricula continue in a remote environment. We need your help to get this in Rosa’s hands. 


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Schools are facing a year of historic difficulty, and in an effort to help overcome the overwhelming uncertainties they face, Mass Insight has introduced the Mi Equity in Education Emergency Fund – an effort to galvanize private support to ensure underserved students receive critical academic assistance. We at Mi have been confronting equity in education for over a decade – serving over 10,000 students each year through our Advanced Placement STEM & English Program, representing the largest secondary STEM program in the state.  

Throughout the pandemic, Mi has remained nimble and responsive to the unique needs of our students, teachers and schools, developing virtual supports for students as they completed the 2019-2020 school year and launching new professional development and coaching for teachers – preparing them to lead classrooms in a remote learning environment. 

However, uncertainties and budgetary constraints put public funding for our Program at risk, meaning school districts with the highest percentage of underserved students (precisely those who rely on Mi the most) may not be able to participate. Without further support, this will worsen already persistent equity issues. With the school year upon us, time is of the essence in order to help us mitigate the uncertainty that the pandemic has created.  

The Mi Equity in Education Emergency Fund will ensure that teachers and schools can continue to rely on Mi’s support to improve student outcomes. It also funds specific needs, such as Rosa’s need for lab kits (specifically designed and tailored to AP STEM curricula by our industry partners) for science studies in the upcoming school year. 

By supporting this effort, you will be helping us to meet this challenging moment by funding uniquely innovative programs and solutions to those who need it most. And together, we will combat the widening gap in equity through effective responsiveness and proactive supports for underserved students. As daunting as the task may seem, it is achievable with your help. 

Our goal is to raise $1.5 million through this campaign. You may choose to donate to a specific initiative within the fund, such as our Science from Home: Lab Kits for Distance Learning (fully fundedor Mi’s Student Supports and Subsidies, or to the Mi Equity in Education Emergency Fund as a whole. Either way, your support will ensure that thousands of underserved students get the tools and skills they need to rise to the challenge and prepare themselves for a lifetime of achievement. 


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