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iiiiinsights   #03

Talent Search: Finding the Missing AP® Students in Massachusetts

Every year, more than 10,000 Massachusetts seniors do not take the AP exams for which they have the skills and knowledge to pass. These students - who we call the "missing AP students" - are missing an opportunity to set themselves on a path for future college and labor market success. At the same time, the Commonwealth is missing the opportunity to benefit in the form of future economic prosperity, resulting from a more skilled workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research finds a strong link between college success and both taking an AP course and completing the Mass Core curriculum.
  • Gaps exist between different racial and ethnic groups of students regarding who enrolls in an AP course, leading to an AP course enrollment gap or what we call an opportunity gap.
  • In 2018, at least 10,000 seniors in Massachusetts who likely had the skills and knowledge to succeed on an AP exam did not take an exam.
  • Gaps exist between different racial and ethnic groups of students regarding the share of students who earn a qualifying score, leading to an AP exam performance gap, or what we call a success gap.
  • Closing the Gaps: Students who would benefit from the AP program should be identified and encouraged to participate, and underserved students should be offered more intensive and deliberate support in a broader set of AP subjects.
iiiiinsights   #02

Using Networked Improvement Communities to Accelerate Improvement: Lessons from the Gateway to College Success Network

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iiiiinsights   #01

Beyond College Credit – Leveraging AP as an Effective Workforce Strategy

Increasing the number of workers with an education beyond high school, and preferably with a four-year college degree, is an economic imperative and is also critical to give workers and their families greater economic stability and security.
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