Join the Club: State Turnaround Networks

We have to think more creatively about school turnaround.  As described in the Center for School Turnaround’s new handbook, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always the best support model, and many State Education Agencies (SEA’s) are starting to develop a less traditional support structure for low-performing schools. One such strategy is a statewide turnaround network, ranging from an experience as all-in as Tennessee’s Achievement School District, to a lighter touch approach such as the Connecticut Commissioner’s Network.

Mass Insight’s State Development Network, a cohort of 11 states, has spent the past three years exploring strategies that will provide the best support to each state’s lowest-performing schools – including the SEA turnaround network.

Colorado, one of our SDN states, is launching a Turnaround Network which will support between eight and twelve low-performing schools.  The network will provide added capacity to schools and their districts, with the founding goal of improving student achievement.  The network is not intended to be a punishment for schools failing to improve, but rather an opportunity to opt into this added support.  Districts will work with the Colorado Department of Education to ensure that all conditions for the network are met at the schools.

Read more about Colorado’s new Turnaround Network here.