A Taste of What’s To Come: Preparing Students for College Success

“You’re getting a taste of what’s to come – the work, what teachers expect of you, and the amount of dedication and study you have to put into your work.”

That’s how Yolanda Bueso, a sophomore at Grace King High School in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS), described her experience this year in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition.

Yolanda is one of several hundred students who are benefiting from a partnership between JPPSS and Mass Insight Education focused on expanding the AP programs at Grace King and Fisher Middle-High School. In the first year of the program, enrollment in AP math, science and English courses at the two schools increased by just over 300 students.

The program isn’t just about increasing enrollment, however. It’s also about ensuring that all of those students are successful in their AP courses – and that’s where Saturday Study Sessions come in. At Saturday Study Sessions, students attend a series of workshops taught by expert instructors selected by Mass Insight that explore in further depth topics the students are covering in their AP courses. Over the course of the school year, three Saturday sessions are held in each subject covered the program (math, science and English) – resulting in 15 additional hours of instruction for students who attend all three.

Mass Insight’s latest publication, “Extended Learning at Saturday Study Sessions: Students and teachers in Jefferson Parish commit to learning,” focuses on these Saturday sessions and how they, and the broader AP program, are putting JPPSS students on a path to college success.

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