Evaluations of Another Kind

We’re big fans of finding weak points, contrasting them with proof points, and trying to bridge the difference.  That’s why the National Council on Teacher Quality’s (NCTQ) new report resonated with us.  In general, the findings were disappointing: on a four-point scale, less than 10% of the 500+ institutions studies received three stars or more; fewer than one in nine elementary programs are teaching candidates content they need for Common Core; 75% of elementary preparation programs don’t teach methods for reading instruction that have been proved to increase reading proficiency, and only 7% of programs place student teachers only in classrooms with highly-rated teachers.

Improving education outcomes means rethinking all elements of the K-12 ecosystem, including teacher preparation. The call to action is loud and clear: we can, and should, have high expectations for teacher preparation programs. As educators, advocates, partners, parents, and community members, this is our opportunity to change the system.

*Note: Mass Insight Education was listed as an endorser for the report.