Testing the Test Scores

The citizens group A+ Denver released a report this week analyzing the progress of 27 SIG schools in year two of the three-year grant.  The report praised schools in Far Northeast Denver for showing the greatest strides.  Patrick Chapman, who oversees federal grants at the Colorado Department of Education, said to those schools that didn’t see progress, “if your achievement is flat or declining, we need to talk.”

In a statement to EdNews Colorado, Chapman explained that schools must show that they are willing to make “some bold decisions for the future of those schools” if they wish to receive the third, and final, portion of these SIG grants.

Chapman is right.  If schools aren’t willing to make changes in order to see changes, it’s unlikely they will see improvements.  However, those schools praised in the A+ Denver report made changes such as launching smaller scale programs, implementing extended school days or hours, and focusing on college and career readiness at the high school level.  These schools showed that making bold moves can result in bold improvements.