Partnership Zone Success in Delaware!

Tests were taken, scores were tallied, and results were analyzed.  Now, Delaware has released the data on its standardized tests for 2012, showing some very promising results for their Partnership Zone (full disclosure: Mass Insight has consulted fairly extensively on the design and implementation of the state’s turnaround strategy.)  Overall, the state saw sizable gains in math and reading scores across all grades; however, it is the growth in Partnership Zone schools that are most encouraging.  The growth in these schools – which were the state’s lowest performing when they were identified as Partnership Zone schools –outpaced the state as a whole, and if the trend continues, by next year their average scores will rise above the state’s average.  In fact, Howard High School (one of the four Cohort 1 Partnership Zone schools) even outscored the district this year!  Congratulations to all!  Early indication that building capacity through a Partnership Zone can pay off for students.

Scores can be found here.