100 Reasons Why

Our teachers inspire us to work on behalf of underserved students. What follows is 100 reasons (and counting) why AP teachers value Mass Insight’s AP STEM and English Program.

Greater Boston

Professional development is often times -- and for many good reasons -- designed to address the needs of new or emerging teachers, and may not be content-focused.  The AP trainings funded by Mass Insight are the best of my over twenty-year teaching career.  I return from them feeling as if I have just been gifted -- with materials and inspiration and power.

Anne S.
Excel High School

The support from Mass Insight staff, who are also veteran teachers, is immeasurable.  Faculty benefited greatly, those that have taught their subject for years and those new to Advanced Placement or even the profession. The summer AP institutes, facilitated by MassInsight, provided an opportunity for teachers to collaborate with colleagues, build networks, and energize instruction.  Students in Woburn at first grumbled about the Saturday sessions, but over the course of 2-years, started to view these as an opportunity; this was also true for mock exams.  As the principal of WMHS, I value the relationship built with MassInsight, that is helping to raise the academic bar and provide students with real tools that bring about academic growth and success.

Jessica C.
Woburn Memorial High School

This year was especially difficult on my AP students, but Mass Insight was extremely helpful in administering the online mock exam.  Students were able to get timely feedback from both a general and personalized perspective and we all really appreciated the support during this stressful time.

Maureen Q.
Somerville High School

Malden Catholic has enjoyed its partnership with Mass Insight in providing excellent training and testing platforms throughout the year to benefit both educators and students.  In addition, Mass Insight sponsors an annual two-day conference, which enables our experienced and new teachers to become better qualified AP instructors.

David M.
Malden Catholic High School 

Learning in a large-group format typically defaults to the judgment of a single presiding teacher trying to direct the efforts of a heterogenous group. Mass Insight has been instrumental in leveraging our school’s AP experience beyond that self-isolating instructional model. I am thankful to Mass Insight for their generous direct instructional support. 

Myles M.
New Mission High School

I can't say enough about the positive work of Mass Insight Education in helping to level the playing field for my students. The program provides me with outstanding workshops that focus not only on strategies for improving my skills with the challenging content of the course, but also on strategies to increase equity in the classroom with my AP students who are often non-native English speakers. My colleagues at Mass Insight are always available as a resource to provide new lessons or even teach a class or skill when asked. Our partnership with Mass Insight has been a game-changer at Chelsea High School. 

William K.
Chelsea High School

Mass Insight has provided guidance to AP teachers on the ever-changing AP course expectations and available technology resources to support AP students. 

Kristina K.
Jeremiah E. Burke High School

Mass Insight makes the work seems less intimidating. I am always well supported and encouraged to welcome students and their critical thinking.

Felicia J.
Excel High School

Teaching an AP subject can feel isolating at a school. You don’t get to co-plan with colleagues, bounce ideas off of anyone, or get help from someone who is more seasoned than you. But because of Mass Insight, my community extends well beyond the walls of my school. I have access to experts and novices alike and my teaching is much enhanced because of it.

Elizabeth H.
John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science

Through our partnership with Mass Insight, I made meaningful connections with fellow teachers, grew more confident in my grasp of the content and pedagogy through summer and 2 day workshops, and applied a lot of what I learned to my other courses as well, improving as a teacher. My students gained access to a course that expanded their worldview while having academic support through Saturday sessions, formed a sense of camaraderie with students in the course at other schools, felt more prepared because their teacher was more prepared, and honestly had FUN and learned valuable life skills while saving money by getting college credit in high school! I could NOT have done this without them!

Katherine G.
Chelsea High School

Mass Insight provides invaluable support and resources to me as an AP teacher to ensure the success of my students in both my daily classes and in the AP exam. Most vitally, they organize the AP Mock exams which allow my students to experience the AP exam as it truly is, so that they can have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and where they need to focus. I could not imagine doing my job without the backing of Mass Insight.

Ashot G.
John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science

Mass Insight has been a valuable resource since our school adopted AP classes.  I started with no experience with the exam, to becoming an AP reader and a regional presenter to districts throughout Massachusetts. The cohort of colleagues that Mass Insight fosters has made me a better teacher, and in turn strengthened the students whom I see in front of me each year. 

Kimberly F.
Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers

The support I get from Mass Insight is an integral part of my teaching. I go to the 2- day Workshop in October every year as well as the Summer Institutes where I get excellent PD and this helps me prepare my students for the AP Exams. The students also get a lot of review and training on the Saturday Sessions.

Noemi F.
East Boston High School

Mass Insight has been a critical partner in helping our school develop stronger curriculum and make connections to the College Board exams.  The opportunities to expand AP access for all students and for our teachers to engage in highly developed Professional Development and to connect with other teachers in our respective programs of study has been invaluable.

Robert E.
New Mission High School

Mass Insight has been a huge help to me! The resources they send, especially the graph of the month, are very helpful as is the one on one support. I met with Leslie Prudhomme 3 times in person - she gave me advice, helped me set up my summer work last year, and came in to lead a lab for my class. Leslie always replies to my emails almost immediately, so I feel like anytime I have a question, it will not go unanswered.

Lauren D.
Malden Catholic High School

One of the aspects of MIE that I value the most is its commitment to supporting AP teacher retention. The MIE program is not about quick, 1-time successes! Over my eight years as an AP chemistry teacher, I have formed valuable relationships with many MIE colleagues who are all still teaching AP chemistry. MIE is a robust program built to support teachers over the course of their entire careers.

Martin B.
Malden High School

As a teacher with more than 25 years of experience, I have found Mass Insight has consistently helped me improve my instructional practice, through its ongoing professional development, and consequently helped to improve my students’ performance on the AP exams. Without Mass Insight's support for me, my students would not achieve their higher level of achievement and success in college.

Robert B.
East Boston High School

Greater Springfield

This is the second school district that I have worked with that had the support of Mass Insight.  I have been greatly supported all year working with a new AP curriculum through Mass Insight. In particular, I find the training to be especially beneficial for the work I need to do with my students.

Erin W.
Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School

As a long time AP educator, I am grateful for the support of Mass Insight in keeping AP science a vital part of our curriculum at Springfield Central High School. The ability for my students, who are mostly low income and non-traditional students, to have access to AP courses is critical for preparing them for college and the future.

Sherri S.
Springfield Central High School

Mass Insight has provided and facilitated professional development for teachings in AP courses.  This has helped more of our faculty effectively teach college level courses to high school students.

Brendan S.
Pittsfield High School

Mass Insight has been a great partner to Springfield Public Schools in preparing our students for the AP exam. I can’t express how thankful I am for our Statistics director especially in these times. Her constant emails and information drops have kept me sane and help me to prepare my students in these unprecedented times. Mass Insight is imperative to our success.

Segismund S.
Springfield Central High School

I believe the Mass Insight AP program has helped teachers bring typically unrecognized student talent to the AP table. The support for our program has made it easier to encourage these students to take AP classes and feel successful. 

Kellie O.
Pittsfield High School

One of the things I love about Mass Insight is the variety of student that has access to AP classes when a school is in partnership with Mass Insight. We struggle with issues of poverty and equity on an almost daily basis, not to mention the bias about vocational students, so before Mass Insight the AP classes were filled with a pretty homogeneous mix of academic students.  It has been a struggle, but now our AP classes, especially English, see a pretty heterogeneous mix of students - many of which are vocational students who choose to leave their shops to come to an AP class everyday

Patrice L.
Taconic High School

I had taught AP Computer Science a year before I had attended any training by Mass Insight.  The second year, I requested to be part of the 2-day Mass Insight training in October.  I was amazed by how almost 99% of the training was useful for my teaching.  I was so grateful for the chance to attend this training.  I believe I was better equipped as a teacher, with direct instructional help, and many strategies I could try within my classroom.  I appreciate all the support Mass Insight continues to offer to me.

Sandra L.
Springfield High School

Mass Insight has been an invaluable resource for helping me prepare my students for AP. I'm not sure I would be able to wade through the waters of AP without Mass Insight's help.

Lise K.
Springfield Renaissance High School

I'd like to commend Mass Insight for its help in navigating the very different circumstances of this year's AP exams.  The regular updates and quality resources have helped AP teachers in the Springfield district prepare for the exams and provide remote instruction to our students.

Patricia K.
Springfield Central High School

Sleeves rolled up and ready to nurture every aspect of bringing a challenging program to a challenging setting, they were in our classrooms, part of our assemblies and a consistent presence in our inboxes, too. The fact is Mass Insight is everywhere you need them to be, so you can help your students become everything they deserve to be.

Grace H.
Springfield Honors Academy

Often times being an AP teacher you feel alone in your school in that you’re the only one teaching that class and aren’t able to collaborate. Mass Insight fixes this and with them I am able to have meetings, share materials, and ask questions with teachers from all around MassachusettsMass Insight is truly one of the best resources I can have being an AP calculus teacher and I’m very thankful for everything they have provided to me and everything I have learned from.

Jen G.
Pittsfield High School

Mass Insight has been an essential resource for me and for our school. We have significantly benefited from the professional development, personalized attention, and thorough resources.  The ability to meet and collaborate with teachers from across the state has also helped us grow as teachers.

Timothy G.
West Springfield High School

The collegiality amongst the teaching community partnered through Mass Insight is amazing.  My students are able to participate in study sessions on Saturdays to strengthen their understanding of core concepts and help with preparation for the AP exam.  Every year, I attend along with my students and each year, I pick up something new whether it be a way to improve my own instruction or clarification on a core concept.  

Marylee F.
West Springfield High School

Through both the tremendous professional development and throughout the year coaching that Mass Insight offered, I saw a real improvement in my second year of teaching AP Statistics.  Additionally, the Mass Insight community was invaluable in helping prepare my students during this unprecedented time.

Neal C.
Springfield Renaissance High School

Being a part of the AP teaching community, as offered by Mass Insight, has allowed my students and myself the opportunity to engage in curriculum that is fascinating and challenging. It is one of the highlights of teaching.

Anton B.
Springfield High School

Over the past seven years the professional development and support provided by Mass Insight have been the best in my nineteen year career as an English teacher. Thanks to our partnership with Mass Insight, our school has seen a dramatic increase in the number of students enrolled in AP courses, as the organization has helped us to remove the barriers between students and these rich, rigorous classes. Mass Insight and the AP program have revolutionized my career and provided so many more opportunities for our students.

Christopher R.
Ludlow High School

Our school's partnership with Mass Insight reminds our school district of the importance of maximizing AP course availability to students across our town's demographics, and they are a shining example of how quality professional development makes a substantial difference in student scores, as well as the overall student and teacher satisfaction level with a course.

Jennifer M.
Palmer High School

It is incredibly useful that Mass Insight has a library of lab equipment to loan out to schools. While I would love to buy more equipment for my school, I do not stress if a purchase is denied because I know it can be borrowed from Mass Insight. I've done this on a few occasions and have always felt incredibly grateful to the folks who have driven quite far to deliver the equipment and provided tips for setup and usage. 

Matthew D.
Palmer High School

Ludlow High School's partnership with Mass Insight has had an immensely positive impact on our school. Simply put: AP Language would not exist at LHS without it. The professional development offered through Mass Insight has been the best I have ever received, and I have been teaching for over 20 years.

Charles C.
Ludlow High School

Our school is 94% students of color and 79% low income.  We know our students are capable of great things, but we face many challenges in educating them. Without the support and encouragement of Mass Insight I don't think we would have been able to prioritize and build an AP program.  We are so glad to have given our scholars that opportunity.

Kira J.
Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School

The more I teach the more my students and I appreciate the Mi staff's superior support.  Their exceptional expertise in their field of knowledge is invaluable for all students.  Furthermore, their excitement and reliability palpably transfers to all learners. 

Cheryl E.
Chicopee Comprehensive High School

This was a different year and I am positive that my students would not have fared as well without the help of the dedicated Mi staff.  I would be willing to bet that at least half of my students would not have participated in the exam if it weren't for their supports.

Walter B.
Chicopee High School

Greater Worcester

Mass Insight is incredibly knowledgeable about AP requirements and do not hesitate to offer extensive assistance. Our partnership with Mass Insight has been invaluable for ensuring our students' success with their AP experience.

Andrea M.
Blackstone-Millville Regional High School

Mass Insight provided timely, useful material to prepare not only myself, but the students as well.  Even during school shut-down, Mass Insight was still present with updates and materials geared toward the new testing.

Evan M.
Clinton High School

Mi helped me with questions about the new AP Central Progress Checks rolled out last fall; assisted in organizing/coordinating our Saturday session topics; shared valuable resources during the Covid-19 quarantine; walked us through both a paper & online mock AP exam and have personally made contact with me to make sure my students & I were comfortable with the format & procedures of the on-line National Exam.  Mi has spent countless hours helping our AP community to be successful. 

Laura B.
Fitchburg High School

Mi has helped me prepare my students for the AP exam and feel more confident as a teacher. The 2 day workshops are phenomenal, and they guide my teaching every year. Sally and Patti are always there to answer my questions and my students questions. The students look forward to the Saturday Sessions and the mock exam every year, and the experience in both is irreplaceable.

Aimee R.
Oxford High School

We have been fortunate to have many resources provided to our school due to our partnership with Mi.  We have had equipment delivered to our school so that we could use them for a few days.  We have also had some quality Saturday Sessions. 

Athena K.
Leicester High School

Help with the mock exam and approaching the actual AP Exam was fabulous.

Deborah T.
David Prouty High School

Mass Insight has been a tremendous support to me and my students. The workshops provided are amazing! They also helped us in preparation for the 2020 online AP exam by offering Zoom support meetings, an online mock exam, and multiple tips for taking the “COVID 19” exam.

Michelle S.
Grafton High School

Our contacts with Mass Insight decreased the stress we were all under during these unprecedented times.  I am not sure we would have been as successful without their assistance.

Cynthia P.
Shepherd Hill Regional High School

During our time on quarantine, we would have been lost without our AP Stats “first responder” Mimi Letourneau. Her help, support, updates, advice and guidance is immeasurable, but never more important than the last 6 weeks.

Daniel O.
Ware Junior Senior High School

It is evident that the partnership between Mass Insight and the Worcester Public Schools has enhanced our district's goal of providing the highest quality education to our community and affording all students the opportunity to enroll in AP courses that enable them to be more college and career ready.

Joseph M.
Worcester North High School

Mass Insight has been an invaluable resource for me - they provide meaningful professional development and support and encourage a wonderful network of educators.

Sergio M.
Sutton Memorial High School

As a teacher and a mom, I know without a doubt that I was able to help my students and my own children because of the excellent training Mass Insight provides every year. 

Elisa L.
Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School

This partnership has been huge in preparing me as an educator and my students to be successful in AP biology. The workshops provided to the teachers at our October conference are always helpful. Additionally, the resources such as the mock exams are huge for preparing our students for the exam. Leslie specifically has been a blessing. Always eager to help out in any way, by providing me with tools or coming in to speak to our students, she is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Nicole L.
Auburn High School

We try, but teachers can’t be experts at everything. We want to give our students the best. This is why I am so grateful to Mass Insight. Sally is always a minute away with email responses giving me advice or support. Patti came in and taught my AP Lit class last year, and my kids raved; relaying they understood a concept more clearly than I was able to communicate. That is a win. I am so grateful to Mass Insight for making us better teachers and helping us better our students.

Kelly L.
Southbridge High School

Without a doubt, the richest, most valuable offering from Mass Insight has been the steadfast support and motivation provided by its staff of knowledgeable, passionate, veteran former teachers and practitioners of science, who are readily available for direct coaching and consult with educators in the classrooms. 

Audra I.
Clinton High School

Mass Insight provides me in AP Stats invaluable Saturday Study Sessions where kids get reinforcements for everything we teach.  As a teacher I have receive pacing support and revamping during the COVID 19 crisis and before!  I receive valuable advice and resources every week during the school year. 

Amy G.
Nipmuc Regional High School

Four years ago, I was assigned to teach AP Stats two weeks before school started without any prior experience in the subject. Mimi made frequent visits to my classroom, answered countless emails from me, and guided me through my lesson planning. My students were incredibly successful and four years later, my program has more than doubled in size and for the past two years, 90% of my students have passed the AP exam with close to half of them scoring 5's last year! I would not be where I am without Mimi and Mass Insight!

Thomas G.
Grafton High School

As a new AP Biology teacher Mass Insight has been a lifesaver. The summer institute was phenomenal. I learned so much and met some really great colleagues who were more than willing to share their expertise. They have helped me with pacing of the material, lesson plans, laboratories, and they even let me borrow equipment to perform advanced labs! Mass Insight has been here for me from the start and I am grateful for our partnership. 

Crystal D.
Granby Junior Senior High School

I teach AP Statistics and before I took the summer program and the 2-day pd in October, I thought I was a pretty good teacher.  A teacher where I worked asked me what I thought of Mass Insight.  My answer was, "They taught me that I was not as good a teacher as I thought I was." I think Mass Insight has improved every facet of my teaching in Statistics. 

Kathryn C.
Clinton High School

Mass Insight has been invaluable to our AP program.  They have provided teacher support both in the form of professional development workshops and one-on-one interactions.  These supports have had a direct and positive impact on our students.

Jason C.
Grafton High School

Mass Insight has been a golden connection, especially during this pandemic. I am so grateful for all the informative e-mails, links, and guidance from all of you to help demystify the AP test this year.

Barbara C.
Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School

Mass Insight has provided much needed support for my students throughout this academic year and our AP Calculus Saturday Sessions in Worcester.

Wilson C.
Worcester North High School

Over the past five years, Mass Insight has been invaluable in providing me with essential knowledge and resources to effectively and successfully prepare my students for their AP exam. Mass Insight's willingness to provide AP teachers with individualized support has been evident in their personal visits to our classrooms to deliver one-on-one instruction to our classes.  I am grateful for all the support and guidance they have demonstrated and look forward to continuing to benefit from their assistance. 

Rachel B.
Narragansett Regional High School

Whether it be their Summer Institutes, study sessions, mock exams or instructional resources and coaching, Mass Insight has helped to support our school culture of high expectations and performance in preparing students for their college and career goals.  Especially during the challenges of remote learning, our partnership with Mass Insight provided consistent communication and collaboration.

Sharon B.
Grafton High School

Mass Insight has allowed our school to form partnerships with local schools and schools across the state as we all strive to best support our students as they navigate the most advanced classes. We have gained invaluable resources and information that has helped to make these courses accessible for all students in our school. 

Denise B.
Blackstone Millville Regional High School

I can't overstate how much my partnership with Mass Insight transformed every single aspect of my teaching of English.  In short, I have learned far more about acquiring effective content, curriculum mapping, pedagogy, practical instruction, and assessment than I did in college--including graduate school--or any other type of professional development in my 14 years of teaching.

Nicholas B.
Quaboag Regional Middle High School

Mass Insight has provided some of the best professional development I have experienced in 24 years of teaching. The materials and training I have received have made me a more effective teacher of literature and rhetoric. This has benefited not only my AP students, but all of my students as well.

Jennifer B.
Granby Junior Senior High School

Mass Insight has helped my AP students have access to labs and equipment that my school doesn't have. Through the Saturday sessions, my students get personalized instruction from top notch teachers, who give students feedback that is specific to the AP test. Mass Insight has even helped me as a teacher learn new and more refined approaches to better reach my students.

Karen B.
Auburn High School

As a second year AP Literature and Composition teacher, Mass Insight's partnership with my school district has allowed me to receive the support and guidance I have needed to teach my AP class; ultimately ensuring that I could adequately prepare my students for the AP exam. 

Vanessa A.
Worcester North High School


During the current pandemic, Mass Insight was there when we needed them the most, delivering important updates on new testing protocols, providing distance learning strategies, and supporting us with tools and technology tips to guide our students to success. 

Bruce S.
Nashoba Valley Technical High School

As a first year Biology teacher, I found Mi to be a valuable asset. The standards changed this year and their PD workshops helped with my understanding of these changes and continued to help throughout the year. The lab aspect is incredible and has demonstrated new technology and lab skills needed for our future Biologists. All of these strategies trickle down to our non-AP students to help strengthen and enhance our science classes. 

David M.
Nashoba Valley Technical High School

The practices encountered in the October seminar helped not just my AP classes, but my struggling sophomores as well.  The conference lifted morale for my group, and 'raised the bar' in terms of what we expect of ourselves in regards to helping our students.

Joseph J.
Peabody Veterans Memorial High School

The initial ramp-up campaign with Mass Insight several years ago helped Saugus to benefit from record AP enrollment, a legacy that continues to impact our students' scheduling choices and college readiness. The October 2-Day Workshop is the best Professional Development I attend each year; even my Honors and College Prep students benefit from my time in Marlborough!

David J.
Saugus High School

The trainings that I have received through Mass Insight, especially the fall two-day workshops, have been invaluable.  They have helped me with my instruction in my AP classes and provided me with insight and ideas to use with my students.

Kristin H.
Dracut High School

Mass Insight has helped our school reach our three main goals of increasing AP student enrollment, increasing AP test scores, and most importantly improving college preparedness.  Our students feel supported each and every day with teachers that are extremely knowledgeable in their respective content area(s), and with teachers that consistently implement best practices in their classroom, in an effort to increase student achievement. 

Joe H.
Methuen High School

Our partnership with Mi has been invaluable. There are so many resources, useful PD and access to materials that are not only practical, but encourage me to be a better educator. The most important resource, however, is access to the community of educators that feel so passionately about teaching. 

Bryan B.
Nashoba Valley Technical High School


Mi was a great help especially at this trying times.

Gennadiy Y.
Brockton High School

Mass Insight was able to provide AP training that my district could not afford to send me to, helping build my confidence in my abilities as an AP teacher and provide me with varied lessons that can help improve my students' skills.  I am the only AP Language teacher in my school, so being able to collaborate with teachers in other districts who also teach the same course has been, in my opinion, the most beneficial part of our partnership.  

Maura W.
Brockton High School

Mass Insight has helped our school develop and grow a rigorous AP Program.  Mass Insight content directors work tirelessly and directly with our educators to help support students in the educational process.  We cannot thank Mass Insight enough for the support that they have provided over the past three years. 

Katie W.
Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School

Mi has been a great source of guidance.  They provided excellent insight into the exams, excellent workshops well staffed, and personal and remote access to people working in the same field.  We really appreciate their help!

Steven V.
Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School

I have had the great fortune of partnering with Mass Insight in three different schools over the past decade. There is no better indicator of college and career readiness than success in an AP course and Mass Insight has been instrumental in supporting that message and work for well over a decade. Quite simply, without Mass Insight, Massachusetts would not be the educational leader that it is across our country. 

Ross T.
Dartmouth High School

My AP Statistics content director, Mimi, has been amazing over the last three years. She was always willing to come into class to answers questions from an AP Reader's perspective, run an activity and/or give a lesson on AP test strategies. She even FACETIMED into my class last year to answer my students' 'what-if' questions and ease their anxieties.  As a new AP Statistics teacher, you just don't have that perspective - it takes YEARS to gain that - and Mimi has those years to share with us. That's why new AP programs NEED Mass Insight. It would have taken me many more years to get to where I am today as an AP Statistics teacher without the knowledge and support of Mimi. 

Erin S.
Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School

This was my first year in partnership with Mass Insight, and what a year it has been.  The staff at Mass Insight provided invaluable services and just plain old encouragement during our remote learning phase.

Douglas S.
Dartmouth High School

Mass Insight has helped to push us all to become more reflective AP teachers. The program has helped us use data to allow us to think more deeply about how our classes could be better structured, what our formative and summative assessments are trying to tell us about student success, and ways to make sure our programs are as inclusive as possible. 

Beth-Ann S.
Avon Middle High School

During this COVID-19 remote learning Mass Insight has been a real savior as I collected all my teaching materials from Mimi. I wait for her emails and her insights are really helpful.

Shukla S.
New Bedford High School

My relationship with Mass Insight has influenced every aspect of my teaching and is the absolute best teacher training in my nearly 20 years in front of the classroom, hands down. Mass Insight provides, for me, a high school classroom teacher, access to the very best instructors in our field. Moreover, Mass Insight’s influence reaches beyond high school. As an instructor at the university level myself for both undergraduate and graduate students for more than 15 years, I find the instructional practices that I have been trained in by Mass Insight to find their way into my college teaching practices as well. Finally, I teach in one of the lowest performing MCAS districts in our state, yet our AP Scores in English, Research, and Seminar are consistently some of the best in the state. This is the true testament to our successful partnership with the Mass Insight program, and I thank Mass Insight for leveling the playing field and for providing equity and access for our students.

John S.
B.M.C. Durfee High School

Mass Insight as been invaluable to my teaching both for AP as well as for the other classes I teach. Every year I go to the two day seminars and take away at least ten ideas that are immediately applicable.

Amanda R.
Westport High School

Mass Insight is an important part of the educational experience for both teachers and students. The AP Saturday sessions offer the students the opportunity to get a different perspective on the skills we teach as well as to help them prepare for taking the exam. The professional development offered for the teachers both in the summer and the fall offers the opportunity to think of our teaching in different ways, as well as to incorporate new lessons into our repertoire. 

Kathleen R.
New Bedford High School

I find the weekly newsletter emails from our AP Stats liaison very helpful. They’re one-stop shopping for useful information. Also, I’ve very much benefitted from conversations with our Stats coordinator - especially as regards some of the finer points at the margins of the curriculum.

David P.
B.M.C. Durfee High School

We appreciate Mi's tireless efforts to help the teachers and students of New Bedford High School prepare for the AP exams, and academics in general.  I have been an advocate for k-12 curriculum alignment based on AP Language and Composition, and the training they helped to provide has aided in our efforts, which has helped all of our students.

Thomas N.
New Bedford High School

Mi understands that our craft as teachers is just as important as the school system we occupy. They’ve invested in our students, teachers, and our school culture around academic excellence. On top of supporting my pedagogy and practice, they've connected me with a professional network of educators who leverage equity to promote advanced academics in our school.

Takeru N.
New Bedford High School

Coming out of a technical school where students spend 50% of their time in a vocational setting, we met the global mean in AP scores. We have students earning 5's on the exam and more than half of our students are earning qualifying scores and college credit. We couldn't have done it without Mimi and the rest of Mass Insight.

Matthew M.
Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School

Partnering with Mi has proven invaluable for my AP Students. The mock exam offers them a timed testing experience that emulates the actual AP Exam, while the Saturday Study Sessions provide students with opportunities to listen to and consider other teacher voices and strategies. As an AP Teacher, Mi's support in and out of the classroom, in the form of rigorous lesson plans, classroom suggestions, excellent professional development, and open communication continues to enhance my ability to teach, motivate and push my students to succeed.

Regina M.
Westport High School

Through Mass Insight, I’ve been able to engage with incredible professional developments that have changed how I approach physics education.  I am a better teacher and advocate for my students thanks to my schools relationship with Mass Insight.

Oliver M.
B.M.C. Durfee High School

Mass Insight helped me reach the next major step in my career. I had been teaching high school English for five years and knew that the next step I wanted to take was to teach AP English Literature - the class that made me fall in love with the subject ten years ago and changed the trajectory of my life. I learned so much through the summer institute, as well as all the professional development throughout the year, and am so grateful for the role Mass Insight played in this monumental year in my teaching career.

Wesley L.
Dartmouth High School

Mass Insight has opened the district's eyes in removing barriers and allowing more students to take AP and IB courses. Our numbers have increased in both programs through the support of Mass Insight. The Guidance Department Head previously managed the AP program which included mostly scheduling and testing responsibilities. The new AP Coordinator has really been able to do so much more in the way of teacher and student support, especially with all of the new registration and testing responsibilities given to districts by the College Board.

Catherine L.
Brockton High School

Partnering with Mass Insight has given me the chance to take summer institutes and teach AP for the first time. Without your help, I could never afford to take the classes necessary to teach at this level. You have opened up my world and my skill set. I am so grateful.

Jessica L.
Dartmouth High School

This has been Dartmouth High School’s first year as a member school with Mass Insight, and I have been notably impressed with the level of support they have provided to our AP programs, from full mock testing to review sessions to curricular support. We look forward to many more years of partnership with Mass Insight.

Wilbur H.
Dartmouth High School

My partnership with Mass Insight allows me to not only deliver science content material to my students but to raise the value of my AP science course by immersing my students in the process of critical thinking and innovative thought. 

Daniel H.
Westport High School

Mi Saturday sessions have always benefited my students by giving them additional strategies in test taking, but this year Mi stepped up in the spring to provide online lessons to help supplement my work in preparing my students for the amended AP exam. 

John Patrick F.
Wareham High School

This year, the Mass Insight folks were masterful in dispersing information and lessons we could push out to kids during school closure. I am humbled by what they are able to do and very thankful that they do it.

Ann F.
Dartmouth High School

The training and workshops I’ve had with Mass Insight have been the best professional development experiences. In addition, the Saturday sessions and Mock Exam are invaluable preparation for my students. The Saturday sessions allow them to hear different voices which develops their understanding of course content and skills.

Carrie Anne D.
B.M.C. Durfee High School

Thanks to Mass Insight I personally have participated in professional development activities that have had a positive impact on my teaching.  Further, the mock exams help students to prepare for the actual exam.

Angela C.
Seekonk High School

Bourne Public Schools was notified that we made the College Board's 10th Annual AP Honor Roll!  We are so excited about this news and I know that our partnership with Mass Insight Education gave us the direction and support we needed to expand and improve our AP programming. The work Mass Insight does with schools directly impacts equity and access for all students - and this has had such a positive impact on teaching and learning at Bourne High School. 

Amy C.
Bourne High School

I've been teaching Computer Science Principles using Code.org for the past several years.  The work, support and professional development training from Mass Insight and its partners has enabled me to bring computer science to hundreds of minority male and female students.  This would not have been possible without your help.

Clifford C.
Brockton High School

Through our work with Mass Insight, our students have become risk-takers in their own learning with their engagement with the close to 20 AP Courses that we offer at our school.  The level of rigor, strategies, professional development and support that Mass Insight has provided has truly transformed our school community.  I could not be more proud to know that our high school is a partner school with Mass Insight.

Paul B.
Middleborough High School

Mass Insight is on the front lines of providing challenging material to students who might not get it otherwise. If equity of educational opportunity is your goal, they should be fully funded without question.

Alexander B.
Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School

Our partnership with Mass Insight has led to improved professional development for our teachers which has translated into more effective instructional and assessment practices.  Our students have had the opportunity to meet their peers from other schools while also benefiting from receiving instruction from a variety of teachers. 

Peter B.
Dartmouth High School

My partnership with Mass Insight is invaluable.  Their summer institute, 2 day conference in October is the best PD that I have encountered.  The math liaison assigned to our school just gives the experience a personal touch and a crutch when needed.

Debra A.
Dartmouth High School

The partnership with Mass Insight has been invaluable to me.  A few years ago I was thrown into teaching AP Statistics two weeks before school started.  I never would have survived that first year without Mass Insight's training.

Jennifer A.
Seekonk High School