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We partner with states, districts, schools, and communities to implement customized strategies and build capacity to advance equity and opportunity in K-12 education, so that all students, and particularly those who have been systemically marginalized, are prepared to achieve their academic and personal potential.

Mass Insight’s review gives us confirmation that our school improvement strategy is working and producing positive results for Georgia students.

Richard Woods
State School Superintendent, Georgia

Mass Insight has been the best professional development that the city offers. The value that they lend to my pedagogy and children's education is imperative.

Kalimah Rahim
High School Teacher, Boston Public Schools

High school programs like Mass Insight Education's Advanced Placement STEM and English coursework have made significant inroads in bringing college-level academics, and, with it, college-level ambitions, to more students from diverse backgrounds.

The Boston Globe

Year after year, our contract with Mi is the single best investment we make as a school district.

Dr. David Smith
Superintendent, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, Evansville, IN

Mi helped us think outside the box and look at what new strategies are being used to support English language learners and low-income students -- and to apply that then to a really focused plan that can make change within the school.

Ruth Baldivia
Principal, Aurora Public Schools, Aurora CO

This work is important for the economy of Massachusetts and the country.

Richard Taggart
Executive Vice President, State Street Corporation

1 — 3 Year Increase in AP® Math, Science, and English in MA Partner Schools

1 — 3 Year Increase in AP® Math, Science, and English in MA Partner Schools

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Changing Lives and Changing Schools

Over the last 14 years, Mi has worked with 2,400 teachers and 60,000 students while providing over 1 million hours of additional instruction for students. Mi is proud to support excellence in teaching, from providing student study sessions to professional development opportunities for teachers. Hear firsthand accounts of how we are changing lives and changing schools here at Mass Insight.

Our work with schools and districts is grounded in our
Theory of Action©. We believe that schools can substantially improve the outcomes and success of their students, particularly those who have been systemically marginalized, by eliminating barriers to student learning through a focus on:

Schools have sufficient control over people, time, money, and program to address the root causes of disparate outcomes
Evidence-based, actionable improvement plans prioritize meeting the needs of all students and are informed by a review of existing conditions and input from school, district, and community stakeholders
The principal manages and communicates complexity while maintaining focus on the school’s vision, key priorities, and the success of all students
Processes and supports continuously help teachers work together to improve and refine standards-based instruction so that all students can access and engage in rigorous learning
Collective responsibility
The school faculty and staff demonstrate collective responsibility for both the quality of instruction and the learning and success of all students
Performance management
Consistent processes are utilized to monitor and measure plan implementation and outcomes, determine what’s working, and inform efforts to improve
The school develops partnerships with families and community organizations to meet the needs of teachers and students

We are changing lives and changing schools across the nation.