Policy & Advocacy

The STG policy position

  • The capacity of external partners (Lead Partners) is required to turnaround schools at scale. States and districts must be able to cede schools management to these partners.

  • Dramatic results require dramatic conditions changes – schools must be provided with substantially greater flexibility around the key elements of school design and management (people, time, money, and program)

  • Increased accountability must accompany increased autonomy. States must hold schools in turnaround accountable for student achievement outcomes.

  • School turnaround is expensive. Additional funds must be targeted towards schools undergoing turnaround.

In addition to our broader efforts to advocate for effective school turnaround policy, we provide targeted, policy analysis and advising to states. Our Consulting Page is currently in the process of being updated. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

To discuss our policy and advocacy efforts and services further please contact Dipa Desai, our Project Coordinator, at ddesai@massinsight.org.