To catalyze change in school systems around the country, the School Turnaround Group (STG) offers a variety of services:

The Partnership Zone Initiative

Partnership Zones are clusters of schools operating as mini-districts characterized by model organizational practices, including strong partnerships and more flexible operating conditions. The initiative is a three- to five-year effort to create sustainable and scalable strategies for turning around clusters of low-performing schools. STG works with both states, districts, and policy makers to create Partnership Zones

At the District Level

Our District Services help build the local capacity of the schools. The Lead Partner unit is the cornerstone of establishing an in-district Partnership Zone. The School Turnaround Group (STG) works with a small number of reform-minded districts to establish the conditions and capacity necessary to sustain academic results in turnaround environments.

At the State Level

The State Development Network is a small group of reform-minded state agencies that have committed to dramatic turnaround principles. State teams work together, and with the STG, to implement new statewide policy frameworks for school turnaround. The STG also works intensively with individual state agencies to build capacity and redesign the School Improvement Grant process.

Policy & Advocacy

STG believes that if school turnaround is to happen effectively and at scale, it must be supported by local, state, and federal policy. These policies must elevate the importance of serving our country’s lowest performing schools and create the conditions required to implement dramatic turnaround, namely by providing flexible conditions and targeted funding. STG works with policy makers to create alignment with our beliefs.

Additional Services

The School Turnaround Group provides a number of additional services including providing speakers, facilitating workshops, and other customized services. For additional information, please contact us.