News Headlines

  • “Unprecedented and historic improvement” in Evansville, IN

    One of our partner schools in the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation’s (EVSC) Transformation Zone has seen “unprecedented and historic improvement,” based on the district’s overall increase from five to 15 schools receiving an “A” letter grade, which district-wide is a 300 percent improvement since 2012.

  • Indiana's Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) partners with Mass Insight and avoids state takeover

    Mass Insight has partnered with Indiana's Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) to provide organizational strategies, which has helped the district avoid state takeover of one of it chronically underperforming K-8 schools.

  • Extended Learning at Saturday Study Sessions

    Five days of school a week is enough for most teenagers, but no one told that to the more than 100 Jefferson Parish high school students who started streaming into the district’s central office building at 8 a.m. on a recent Saturday.

  • ICYMI: New Publications

    Two recent Mass Insight Education State Development Network publications can be used as tools for states to both better assess their current work and communicate more clearly about their own school turnaround work.

  • New Toolkit: The Bold and the Bureaucrat

    Our newest publication out of our State Development Network, *The Bold and Bureaucrat: The Top Ten State Education Agency Levers for School Turnaround (Toolkit)*, provides the reader with what we have identified as the top ten “levers” for a state education agency (SEA) to use to strengthen turnaround efforts at the school and district levels.

  • Defying Expectations: Jefferson Parish Public Schools

    How did Jefferson Parish become, as Louisiana State Superintendent John White called it, one of "the most exciting places to be in education in Louisiana"?

  • The Higher the Standard, the Lower the Score

    Test scores are in for New York's new Common Core assessment...and simply looking at the numbers, it's not looking good. It may sound glum, but we knew that performance was worse than we thought it was. Setting higher standards and raising the bar for performance--as well as shifting the skillset focus that we're testing--was something we had to do eventually. So let's use New York as an opportunity to raise expectations and change our actions all around, and hope that in a few years, these numbers won't be so low. Check out our blog post for more information.

  • New Report: The Money You Don't Know You Have for School Turnaround: Maximizing the Title I Schoolwide Model

    The Money You Don't Know You Have for School Turnaround: Maximizing the Title I Schoolwide Model is a July 2013 publication from Mass Insight Education’s State Development Network for School Turnaround, in partnership with the Federal Education Group. As the initial federal ARRA funds to support school turnaround run out, states and districts are looking for other sources of funding to support successful programs. Many school districts don’t consider using Title I funds to support turnaround because of misunderstandings about the “supplement not supplant” requirement. This toolkit clarifies the spending rules that apply to supporting schoolwide improvement programs with Title I dollars, and provides considerations for states, school districts, and schoolwide schools that want to rethink the way they use Title I funds. The State Development Network (SDN) is a multistate, performance-based network of forward-thinking state education agencies who are committed to turning around low-performing schools by increasing state-level capacity and transforming the policy framework. SDN 2013 members include Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

  • Cleveland names 'investment schools' slated for turnaround

    The Cleveland School District, a Mass Insight partner, named 13 low-performing schools to join together for the "Investment Zone," the first steps in implementation of the Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools.

  • Syracuse City Schools to Receive 40% of New York State SIG Funding

    The Syracuse City School District (SCSD), an STG partner district, is set to receive 40% of SIG funding awarded to the state of New York. SCSD will use the funding at select schools within the Innovation Zone to provide stipends for teachers for increased common planning time, extend the school day for students by 30 minutes, provide increased teacher training, as well as allow teachers the opportunity to opt out of working in the turnaround schools, and provide building leaders with the autonomy to re-interview teachers who wish to stay.