From the Turnaround Field

External Job Postings

The School Turnaround Group endeavors to create and facilitate a community of practice around school turnaround. As part of that objective, we hope to link passionate, qualified individuals to jobs opportunities within the field. Please browse the job listings below and direct any inquiries to the appropriate organization. If you would like to post a job opening, please contact us. For job openings at the School Turnaround Group, please visit our internal Job Opportunities page.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

As the turnaround field continues to evolve and deepen, the opportunities to contribute work and services in this area have also increased. Below, please find several opportunities for collaboration with districts, states, and other turnaround-aligned organizations. Please follow up directly with the organization listing the RFP. If you would like to post an RFP, please contact us.

Turnaround-Aligned Organizations

The School Turnaround Group has identified the following like-minded organizations that share a commitment to developing the turnaround field. These organizations continue to support and advance the field, and we encourage you to learn more about their research and initiatives.

Resources from the Field