Myra Morgan

Myra Morgan has been actively involved in teaching science, specifically AP Biology and AP Environmental Science, for the past 30 years as Head of Sciences at Miss Porter’s School (CT), The Ethel Walker School (CT), and the Sage Hill School  (CA).  During the past 25 summers, Myra has provided training at College Board AP Summer Institutes for both AP Bio and AP Environmental Science. She has been honored for her contributions to the AP Program with an Advanced Placement Recognition Award from the College Board, the NABT Outstanding Biology Teacher Award, a Teaching Chair of Distinction in Science, and a Teacher Fellowship at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Myra has worked for the National Math & Science Initiatives in Kentucky and Connecticut, before coming to Mass Insight Education & Research in 2009.  Myra received her B.A. in Biology/Chemistry from Hanover College and her M.S. in Biological Oceanography and Science Education from the University of Rhode Island. After graduate school, Myra worked in marine research for the Environmental Protection Agency's National Marine Water Quality Laboratory, and over the years has provided her students the opportunity to work on research with her at the Bermuda Biological Station, the National Undersea Research Center, and in the Gulf of Maine using ROV and submersible technology. Myra is particularly enthusiastic about lab and field work and involving students directly in the exciting "practice of doing science"!
Job title: Content Specialist, AP Science