This supplementary report provides more detailed information and profiles of school intervention strategies in ten states and four districts, along with further analysis of high-performing, high-poverty schools.

Bold Steps Turnaround Slide Deck

Use this presentation file to engage policymakers, practitioners and others about the ideas in The Turnaround Challenge. The slide deck summarizes the major points from the research and includes most of the major graphics. It also offers brief notes for presenters for every slide. (The notes are visible after saving to your desktop and opening the file.) MIE grants permission for the file to be used (and for the slides to be copied and distributed) for non-commercial use. Permission is also granted for the incorporation of material from this file in other works created for non-commercial use, provided that appropriate acknowledgement is given. We retain the copyright and reserve all other rights.

The Turnaround Challenge

The Turnaround Challenge was published in November 2007. To date, more than 200,000 copies of the main report have been downloaded, and the report’s framework is being used to develop turnaround strategies in dozens of schools, districts and states, and is informing federal policy as well.