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Keep The Promise

Keep the Promise (KTP) was a multi-year longitudinal study of at-risk high school students, involving Massachusetts’ three largest urban school districts — Boston, Springfield, and Worcester. The objectives of the research are threefold: 1. To track the behavior, experiences, and perceptions of students who are in the classes of 2003, 2004, and 2005 and who need extra academic help to develop the skills required to pass MCAS (the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) and earn a Massachusetts high school diploma. 2. To catalog and begin to evaluate the effectiveness of high school remediation programs with an aim toward identifying promising practices. 3. To gauge the quality and effectiveness of related outreach efforts to students and their families.

Standards Maps

The statewide academic standards and tests provide an important framework for raising student achievement across Massachusetts. But originally the standards only describe what students need to know and do by grades 4, 8, 10 and 12. Before teachers can translate these broad standards into improved classroom instruction, they need clear, easy-to-use curriculum guidelines for every grade level based on the standards. Individual school districts across the state are struggling separately to translate the state standards into specific classroom expectations at each grade level. Given the lack of time, resources and curriculum expertise available at the district level, school districts need support in this effort. Mass Insight Education, through its Coalition for Higher Standards addressed this need with a set of standards maps.