State Policy & Networks

“The SDN has helped Colorado clarify its approach to school turnaround.” – Peter Sherman, Executive Director of School and District Performance, CO Department of Education

We partner with states to advance innovative turnaround strategies by facilitating much-needed collaboration among state education agency leaders.


MIE is a national leader on school and district reform, recognizing the importance of leveraging state and federal government education leaders as partners in turnaround efforts. Our State Policy & Networks Program helps shape state and federal education policy and practice related to school turnaround, and engages an influential network of education leaders who are committed to transforming low-performing schools.


State Development Network

MIE launched the State Development Network (SDN) in 2011. The SDN is a multi-state network of State Education Agency (SEA) leaders who are committed to turning around low-performing schools by increasing state-level capacity and transforming policy. The SDN is designed to advance states’ turnaround strategies, in part by facilitating much-needed collaboration among states.

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