Here is a list of school turnaround services provided by MIE. If you are a state education agency, school district or school and would like to learn more about these services, click here to download a detailed overview.

Partnership Zone Initiative

Partnership Zones are three- to five-year performance-based partnerships established to create sustainable and scalable strategies for turning around clusters of low-performing schools within a district. These clusters are empowered to establish model organizational practices, including strong partnerships and more flexible operating conditions. They are managed by a Lead Partner, which is a nonprofit entity or independent subunit of the district.

The District Diagnostic

The District Diagnostic evaluates a district’s readiness to pursue organizational reforms that will transform its governance and management structures to create a streamlined and adaptable organization. Through data collection, analysis and an extensive series of site visits, MIE assesses a district’s overall functionality and performance, and provides a manageable set of recommendations to promote organizational excellence and drive gains in student achievement.

The School Readiness Assessment

The School Readiness Assessment (SRA) determines a school’s readiness to ensure the success of all of its students. The SRA process assesses a school’s overall performance and effectiveness according to research-based criteria outlined in MIE’s High-Poverty, High-Performing (HPHP) school readiness framework, which focuses on three dimensions: 1) readiness to teach; 2) readiness to learn; and 3) readiness to act.

Additional Services

In addition to its core services listed above, MIE engages with districts and states on short-term projects. Examples include working with districts to redesign their human resources function and systems, auditing their organizational structure in preparation for a redesign, and providing support in engaging with key community stakeholders. MIE also has worked at the state level, collaborating with state education agencies to improve their capacity to serve as effective supporting partners to district reforms.

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