Here is a list of the individual programs that make up MIE’s College Success work.

Advanced Academic Success (AP®, grades 10 to 12)

The Advanced Academic Success program combines proven strategies for success — focusing on teacher support, student support, and program management — to increase participation and performance in AP® math, science, and English courses, with a particular focus on traditionally underserved students. MIE believes the AP® platform is the most effective way to expose students to college-level coursework and prepare them for college and career success. Visit our Advanced Academic Success page to learn more.

Student Partnerships (grades 10 to 12)

Through the Student Partnerships program, MIE creates and strengthens partnerships between the Massachusetts business community and students to close the “inspiration gap” and promote internships. The program provides companies with the opportunity to sponsor AP® classes, and employees have the opportunity to serve as AP® Ambassadors, encouraging students to consider a STEM-focused career by sharing their own experiences.

Pathways to Success (grades 6 to 10)

The Pathways to Success program supports district and school efforts in creating a culture of high expectations to dramatically increase the rate at which students are prepared for post-secondary education. The program expands the pipeline of students in grades 6 to 10 who will be prepared for AP® coursework by aligning instruction for grades 6 to 12, providing instructional leadership, developing teachers, and increasing student mastery.

College Success Clusters (grades 6 to 12)

College Success Clusters (CSC) combine MIE’s proven work in academic programming with its strategies for district redesign. To launch a CSC, MIE collaborates with districts to group a neighborhood high school with its feeder middle schools into a “cluster” focused on preparing students for college enrollment and completion. Within each cluster, MIE implements integrated strategies across three pillars – academic, organizational, and community — to maximize impact, provide seamless support, and produce sustainable results.

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