Elements of Success

Student Support

Student Study Sessions

High schools participating with the Mass Insight AP Program are expected to implement proven strategies to achieve the goals of the Program and student and teacher excellence. These strategies include extensive formal and informal training of AP and Pre-AP teachers, additional time on task for students, additional resources for students and  for AP mathematics, science and English (MSE) courses, content coaching, stipends and awards (as applicable), and cultivation of Lead Teachers to provide leadership and mentorship to program teachers.

Mock Exams

Mass Insight facilitates one mock exam session each school year per AP MSE content. The mock exam session offers students the opportunity to take a mock AP exam, in an actual AP test environment, using the most recently released College Board AP exam. Mass Insight then facilitates the grading and reading of each mock exam and returns a score analysis back to the student and teacher, as well as provides (in some cases) deconstruction lessons, best practices, and summary reports.

Open Access

Mass Insight requires schools to adopt open access standards and policies for all AP MSE courses. To support schools and teachers in fully realizing the advantages of the open access concept, Mass Insight utilizes a set of questions, interviews, and policy reviews to evaluate schools and help make adjustments.

Instructional Resources

Mass Insight and subject matter expert consultants provide knowledge and guidance on current and appropriate AP-level textbooks, equipment, and other AP-level resources. Additionally, Mass Insight facilitates the sharing of resources among the hundreds of teachers within the Program’s network.

Teacher Support

AP and Pre-AP Summer Institute

The AP and Pre-AP Summer Institutes are five-day, College Board endorsed, teacher trainings open to all teachers inside and outside of the Mass Insight Programs. The Institutes are subject-specific professional development opportunities led by College Board accredited instructors, providing teachers with the support and training needed to teach a variety of AP courses and to utilize Pre-AP teaching strategies. Holding Summer Institutes since 2008, Mass Insight has now provided training, Graduate Credits and Professional Development Points to over 10,000 teachers, and is one of the largest Summer Institutes in the Region.

Two-Day Teacher Workshop

The 2-Day Workshop is a concentrated and comprehensive professional development training for AP MSE teachers. Over the course of the two days, participants share best practices, engage in roundtable discussions, and learn focused and targeted strategies instrumental to successfully running their AP course.

Instructional Coaching

Mass Insight and subject matter expert consultants provide coaching and mentoring to schools and teachers on current and appropriate AP strategies key to student and class success.

Program Cluster AP Lead Teachers

The AP Lead Teachers serve as resources, coordinators, and mentors within a cluster of participating schools. These Lead Teachers are often the primary points of contact between the schools and Mass Insight, and are strong AP teachers with a proven record of success in shaping students to receive qualifying scores.

Partners in Excellence Award Celebration

The goal of the annual PIE event is to honor AP teachers from across Massachusetts for their exceptional dedication to helping more students take and thrive in challenging AP classes.

Program Management

Subject Matter Experts

Mass Insight and subject matter expert consultants provide support, guidance, and resources to achieve effective Program administration and fulfill Program mission and goals. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Provide access to state and national experts for training, grading, and consulting needs
  • Provide curricular support as needed to teachers and Mass Insight Program Cluster AP Lead Teachers
  • Assist Counselors with student recruitment, scholarship, and college readiness information
  • Provide support and/or manage outreach events at the school, Kickoff Events, Announcement Events, and/or present at School Committee Meetings

Competitive School Selection

To participate with the AP STEM & English Program, Mass Insight conducts a competitive school selection process. Once having completed the selection process, participating in the program is typically multi-year and subject to annual renewal. For more information on the program application process, please contact us at mieap@massinsight.org with a statement of interest.

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