Advanced Academic Success


MIE’s Advanced Academic Success programs drive a school culture of high expectations and dramatically increases participation and performance in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, particularly among underserved populations, to prepare students for college and career success in English, and in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our programs have three measurable goals:

  • Increase participation: greater student enrollment in AP mathematics, science and English (MSE) courses
  • Increase performance: more qualifying scores on AP MSE examinations
  • Increase college success: more students matriculating to, persisting in, and graduating from college


AP STEM & English Program

MIE’s AP STEM & English program was launched in 2007 when Massachusetts was selected as one of six states to receive a $13.2 million multi-year grant from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) to replicate and implement a proven program running in Dallas called the “Advanced Placement Training and Incentives Program.” MIE implemented this multi-year program under the name “Mass Math + Science Initiative’s (MMSI) Advanced Placement Training and Awards Program.” 

Now known as the AP STEM & English program, it is the largest high school academic program in AP English & STEM studies aimed at underrepresented populations and students in Massachusetts. The program has expanded rigorous, college-level AP courses in 75+ high schools across the Commonwealth, resulting in more than 13,000 new enrollments in AP MSE classes and more than 5,000 additional qualifying scores on AP MSE exams.

Sustaining Partnership Program

The MIE Sustaining Partnership Program (SPP) was launched in 2013 to address the need for a voluntary membership program offered to schools following their completion with the MIE AP STEM & English program. The SPP allows partner schools to maintain and continue to expand student achievement and teacher capacity in AP MSE courses. The SPP also provides schools the opportunity to continue accessing selected services and components of the MIE AP STEM & English program to achieve student and teacher excellence.

Elements of Success

High schools participating with the AP STEM & English program are expected to implement proven strategies to achieve the goals of the program, and student and teacher excellence. These strategies include extensive formal and informal training of AP and Pre-AP teachers, additional time on task for students, additional resources for students and for AP MSE courses, content coaching, stipends, and awards (as applicable), and cultivation of Lead Teachers to provide leadership and mentorship to program teachers.

Learn more about the Elements of Success here.

Quick Facts

  • MIE has more than tripled performance of female students receiving qualifying grades.
  • MIE has more than quadrupled performance of African American & Hispanics student qualifying grades.
  • The program has expanded rigorous, college-level AP courses in 75+ high schools across Massachusetts, resulting in more than 13,000 new enrollments in AP STEM classes, and more than 5,000 additional passing scores on AP MSE exams.

Learn more about the difference we’re making on our Impact page.

Where We Work

Here is a list of the high schools where we work.


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