College Success: Academic & Student Partnerships

“AP offers such amazing professional development. It really helps teachers hone their craft… MIE has given us a huge amount of support.” – New Mission Headmaster Naia Wilson

We partner with 75+ schools in Massachusetts to increase student participation in AP science, math and English classes.


Too many students coming out of our public school system are not academically prepared to succeed in college, which not only impacts their future careers but also our economy as a whole. The goal of MIE’s College Success program is to expose more students — particularly low-income students — to college-level coursework and prepare them for college and career success, especially in the STEM fields, using the Advanced Placement (AP®) platform.

More than 10,000 students at 75+ partner middle and high schools participate in MIE’s College Success program (formerly the Mass Math and Science Initiative, or MMSI) annually. Within the first two years, schools typically exhibit a two- to three-fold increase in the number of math, science and English AP® exams taken, and typically double the number of qualifying scores (a three or better) on the rigorous exam.

Visit our programs page to learn more about the individual programs that make up our College Success work, and the impact page to see the results of our efforts.

College Success Campaign

Supporting the College Success program is the College Success Campaign, a statewide public policy campaign focused on boosting college graduation rates in Massachusetts. The Campaign has two goals:

  1. Double the number of low-income students graduating from college; and
  2. Double the number of students graduating from college with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) degree.
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