Advancing College Readiness

Mass Insight Education has been selected as one of multiple providers of Pre-AP training under Race to the Top. Mass Insight Education has recently developed our own Pre-AP teacher program to take your teacher to the next level of instruction. This makes us the sole Massachusetts-based Provider, positioning us to provide services this summer and into the future to ensuring implementation.

Our Common Core-aligned K-12 program is firmly grounded in Massachusetts: It was developed by local teachers and uses local teachers as trainers to offer you and your district an outstanding instructional program that is uniquely positioned to address the needs of Massachusetts teachers from training to implementation. Highlights include:

• Hands-on, teacher-to-teacher training that includes a four-day Strategic Design Summer Institute and three days of Lead Teacher professional development during the school year;

• Content-rich, classroom-ready materials hosted in the cloud by myCore, an award-winning, online platform;

• Virtual, near-real time coaching that facilitates virtual PLCs by connecting teachers from across the state.

Most importantly, our program’s guided approach to implementing interventions that meet every student’s needs along with its vertically aligned skills and lessons will ensure excellence for all students.

Mass Insight Education is also the state’s sole provider of the Advanced Placement (AP®) program, which over the last seven years has doubled student participation and performance in AP math, science and English courses. In combination with our Pre-AP Training Program, teachers and districts can access a seamless K-12 program that has been designed to enhance the rigor in all classrooms and prepare more students for success in advanced course work.

Our program is about more than just teacher training. It is also about helping our teachers to take what they have learned and to implement those skills and knowledge in the classroom. Our teachers will not only have built-in support through our online coaching functionality, but they will also have access to online Teacher Network Sharing through which they can share lessons and units with other teachers across Massachusetts.

Mass Insight Education has been honored to partner over the last seven years with teachers and districts across Massachusetts to improve student outcomes and to prepare thousands of Massachusetts students for college success. We are deeply committed to continuing to work with you on those efforts – now and in the future – across the K-12 spectrum through both our Pre-AP Program and our AP Program. We believe that the combination of our exceptional instructional program and our track record of success in Massachusetts offers you an incredible opportunity to raise the bar for your teachers and your students.

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