About Us

By 2020 72% of jobs in Massachusetts will require a college degree.

Mass Insight’s mission is to provide leadership in closing the achievement and opportunity gaps for underserved students by focusing on system transformation and student academic success. We seek to dramatically improve student achievement at scale by transforming state and local education systems, structures, and policies.


Mass Insight’s guiding principle is that enduring fundamental change at scale requires the practical integration of research, policy and practice. Our reform efforts focus on three “pillars” of district and school improvement:

  • Academic – improving curriculum and instruction
  • Organizational – transforming governance and management structures within districts
  • Community – connecting schools to the people, businesses and resources around them


  • Mass Insight Education & Research was founded in 1997 to advocate for higher standards for education in Massachusetts. We connected policymakers with practitioners to help build a national model of effective standards-based reform.
  • In 2007, Mass Insight released The Turnaround Challenge, a research report and call to action that highlighted the need for intervention in America’s lowest-performing schools – former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called the report, “the Bible of school turnaround.” The report also established the framework for our school turnaround theory of action.
  • Mass Insight received a five-year, $13 million grant from the National Math and Science Initiative in 2007, primarily funded by Exxon Mobil, to lead a partnership between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, school districts, and private funders to address the challenge of math and science education in the U.S. This work continues today as our Advanced Academic Success program.
  • Today, Mass Insight works with schools, districts, and state education agencies across the country to drive gains in student achievement through our College Success, School Turnaround, and State Policy & Networks initiatives. 
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