Wendy’s Wisdom

Excellent oped by Teach for America’s Wendy Kopp in last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, slamming NYC’s public release of teacher ratings.

Key graf: “No single silver bullet will close our educational achievement gaps—not charter schools, or vouchers, or providing every child with a computer, or improving teachers. Each of these solutions may have merit as part of a larger strategy, but on their own they distract attention from the long, hard work required to ensure that our schools are high-performing, mission-driven organizations with strong teams, strong cultures and strong results.”

That’s also our experience on the Massachusetts Math and Science and Initiative, the largest high school reform project in the state, and our school turnaround work with states and districts in RI, NY, Louisiana, Delaware, Indiana and others moving toward comprehensive strategies with accountable partners. If you’re not pulling multiple levers simultaneously, you’re sunk.